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"…thank you for the contribution that you made to the launch of QinetiQ. It was a huge success and we appreciate the vital role you played."
Linda Walden
Marketing & Internal Communications, QinetiQ

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Brand identity

The UK Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA) created advanced technology for the UK Armed Forces. It was immortalised in the person of Q, the enthusiastic boffin who equips James Bond with gadgets.

DERA's technology had widespread applications. It was used in carbon fibre, thermal imaging and flat speakers. The UK government decided to float DERA, turning it into a public company that could capitalise on the commercial value of its technology.

As part of a team of agencies, we developed the new brand identity and rolled it out across the organisation.

The name 'QinetiQ' captures the dynamism of 9,000 scientists working to make the impossible happen, while the brilliant blue colour represents the 'blue sky' thinking at the heart of its research.

QinetiQ is now listed on the London Stock Exchange and operates all over the world, providing both military and civil technology.

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